The Playbook


Teach/implement/review/plan for the future

Prior to implementation, just like in football, proper education on how money works and how to protect with life insurance is paramount to a prudent plan for the future.

Blocking and tackling

A consistent savings plan is protection

Excellent football teams block and tackle better than their opponents. Life insurance is similar. It is a multifaceted tool to both grow and protect wealth. Key fundamentals are very important so that you can win in both football and with your insurance broker.

Game plan

Breaking down financial game film

After receiving a client’s data and meeting with them for the first time, strategically the team and I would put together a game plan which can be revised over time, preparing for all of life’s financial challenges. Just like a game plan in football, we would direct players how to respond in each situation.

X’s & O’s

Creating contingencies, calling audibles, changing plays

The nuts and bolts of football comes down to executing on specific plays. Regarding life insurance, The X’s and O’s would relate to the types of coverage, the amounts of coverage, education on what to do with the cash value, and a legacy plan with a tax free death benefit.

Team effort

Coordinating with all Life Insurance Quarterback members for proper execution

Just like in football, each member of my team has a specific job to do. Each person relies on the other and a prudent team effort is vitally important in implementation and winning at both football and insurance.


Facilitating good decisions in the best interest of your family

Great leaders put themselves second and the team first. Their examples of toughness and dependability are a key component of success in the game of football. The quarterback should always be the leader. The life insurance quarterback will help people implement one of the most selfless decisions you can make; the acquisition of life insurance to protect those that you love.