Richard Wesselt, The Life Insurance General Talks About Retirement Planning

A common topic in today’s financial climate: retirement planning.

I’d like to briefly discuss retirement planning without any risk of principle and without using wall street. No mutual funds. No stocks. 

When we’re building a safe, secure piece of a retirement plan, although some of the money could be in investment centric products, I’d like to focus today on building for retirement without using any investments and there are two products that come to mind.

The first is an investment grade, interest sensitive, maximum funded, whole life insurance contract which for many companies has been around for an excess of one hundred years. It has lasted through wars and the great depression. Money can be accumulated with post tax dollars, it grows tax free and can be withdrawn at retirement tax free. There is no limit on the amount of money that you can put into the policy. It’s simply based on age and income.

Secondly, Richard Wesselt says there are other products that allow money to be put away where the principle is protected and you can link your growth into one of the indexes such as the SMP500 or the Nasdaq. So, I’d like to say with that type of vehicle in a down cycle you can’t lose, and in an upcycle you can win.

Given many of the tumultuous things that this economy has brought upon people our clients are enjoying both of these vehicles as they smooth out their ride and plan for retirement on a safe secure basis, with no risk of principle, with contractual guarantees, and with the ability, and peace of mind to sleep much better at night. 

With a portion of your money in a safe secure plan you can have predictability and better strategic thought process to go through life feeling better about your future.

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