The Life Insurance General, Richard Wesselt Talks About His Favorite Philosophies With Safe Secure Money

One of the most important things about building a safe, secure plan is establishing at a very young age, proper habits.

We try to help clients build great saving habits by saving 15% of their income. Richard Wesselt says Most importantly, we help younger clients find something they love to do so they never work another day in their life. It’s so important to love what you do every day, and allow yourself the freedom and flexibility to accumulate money on a safe, secure basis.

One of the philosophies we have in the office is we like to work very hard. We work seven days a week, rarely take days off, still have time for our family and things that we find important, but we cut out the things that just aren’t as important. We have a very spiritual background, a very family centric background, and we just go to work hard everyday.

By going to work hard every day it’s allowed me to see over 30,000 clients in my thirty year career.

A couple of things I have taken away with these philosophies is my most successful clients love what they do every day, they have provided for their families in terms of protection, and they’ve built money on a safe secure basis with no risk. They’ve gone through life with tremendous peace of mind and it’s provided them a certain level of happiness that’s attained by very few.

In conclusion, having financial security is so important in today’s world and we’re here to help clients achieve that most important goal.

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